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Hi! I'm Robin. I'm an artist & an illustrator & a writer.


Hi. I'm Robin. I'm an artist & a writer. 
After feeling like I was holding back & not allowing myself to BE myself through my work, I bravely pledged allegiance to the motto, "balls to the wall, y'all" in 2009. I started incorporating my ballsy perspective into all aspects of my life. I'm so glad I did that. It has been quite a process. 

I genuinely want the same for you. I am an overly enthusiastic (yet not annoying) cheerleader at heart & my hope is that you, too will find out what the hell you need to be doing with your life & go do just that. It takes passion & clarity of purpose & a willingness to trust your gut no matter what.

I create greeting cards that say things like, "Congratulations on making a human with your genitals" & "Dry humping. Kinda fun. Mostly chafe-y."

My paintings have evolved over the years from cutesy Bible verses to murals to large canvases with simple yet powerful statements on them.

I think everyone needs encouragement. From yo mama to Obama. Everyone.

Hurt & pain are inevitable emotions that we experience. Having a hearty dose of genuine inspiration hanging on your walls can be one of the most beneficial things you could ever do for yourself.

When you read a simple mantra everyday, you begin to internalize the words. When the words take root in your soul, you begin to change & grow.

And that's my mission- to encourage growth & to inspire change & to help you love yourself more.

I am happily married to Zack & am a mom to the sweetest little girl ever, Ruby.

I write for a group humor blog called Aiming Low.

I live in Asheville, NC. I've been here almost 12 years. I love this town. I love these people. They are supportive & loving & fun & unconventional. There are less white picket fences & more men dressed as nuns riding tall bikes.

I also like to say shit & talk about nipple hair awareness. Don't worry, Jesus still loves me.

This is me with a large bra on my head. Don't ask questions.

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tiffany said...

I found your blog because I'm a huge fan of your cards on etsy...you, my dear, are a riot! And honest. You've got a new fan!!


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