June 21, 2011

i love you more than the internet

Hold onto your panties & junk, Asheville! Here come the bloggers! And the tweeters! And the candlestick makers! Ok, not real sure about that last one. But it's probably true. 

I'm very much looking forward to this year's TypeAParent Conference which starts this week. Mostly because I saw that there is a stress ball, shaped like a lemon, in the swag bags. I cannot WAIT to squeeze the shit out of that thing. 

Speaking of swag, here's my contribution to the pile o' loot that all the attendeez will be receiving. 
I thought it was super appropriate considering the wireless, web loving posse that will be there even though it's a postcard that one has to actually address, buy a stamp, use the stamp & walk outside to put in their mailbox. I know it's hard but you can show people you really care by sending them some hand written snail mail, y'all. 

I also made personalized notecards for all the speakers & mentors but I didn't stop to take a picture of those because I was too busy making them & packaging them & shielding them from Ruby & her gross little peanut buttery fingers. That's usually how I work... guarding my paint & protecting my clean paper from stray boogers. I'm always on the defense. That kid can eff some serious shit UP if you're not careful. 

I did manage to snap a crappy photo of the business cards I whipped up last night. 

I needed new ones since I ran out of my Tiny Prints cards. I also wanted a good, solid logo. I think I really like the looks of these. Or some form of this. 

You may be wondering why the little pink heart is upside down. That's because I wanted it to resemble  a pair of balls. It just feels right. All heart & balls. 

I hope I see you there! And I hope we get a chance to meet or talk or exchange cards or french or drunk dial each other. Make sure you get your butt down to the Mom Market on Saturday morning. I'll be there with mind blowing stuff for you to take home. I accept PayPal! 

Oh! If you haven't read Aiming Low recently, here is a link to my most recent posts

There is an ode to Asheville where I talk about going to my first blogging conference ever. There's a post that includes long mermaid nipples & another one with angel balls as well as an enthusiastic review of the shart-inducing movie "Bridesmaids." 

These are literary "masterpieces," you guys. I'm pretty sure I'm going to win one of those Nobel peace thingys soon. 

Well, either that or a Grammy. Anyone can score one of those these days, right? Two words: Rascal Flatts. 


nicole antoinette said...

You're spectacular. I'd effing LOVE to have your cards in next year's Bloggers in Sin City swag bag. Not til May 2012, but still. Be forewarned that I'll totally stalk you when it's sponsorship-getting time :)

Meghan said...

I've been squeezing the shit out of that lemon too.

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles said...

I LOVED the postcard. It's terrific. Thanks for including it in the swag!

Kellyology said...

I loved my postcard! Now I just have to find a stamp to use it.

Oh, and I'd love to be squeezing my yellow ball, but my dog though it would be better served as a chew toy.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I am SO glad I followed the link from Fadra's conference wrap-up, because I'd somehow missed finding you in the morass of the Internet and to let that continue would have been a tragedy.

And I know tragedy, I once dated an artist.

Elena @CiaoMom said...

Was so great to meet you in Asheville--I loved your cards!

Brooke @ Rural Gone Urban said...

Can I get an amen - hallelujah for @pinterest - and finding your blog via a repin of the "Best Fucking Mom Ever" card.

I lvoe your blog. (Yes. I realize that's misspelled)

Please note: I'm #notamommyblogger - however, I do really enjoy moms who haven't lost touch with reality.

I'll be back. & Not in an awkward Schwarzenegger way.

Jeremy said...

Robin, you are awesome.

Did you watch "Little Britain USA"? Not as good as the ones from the UK, but still amusing. This card reminds me of a character named Ellie Grace. I think you'd appreciate her. Check her out on YouTube.


Your greeting cards are the greatest thing I have ever seen. Ever. I am totally getting the make a baby with your genitals one for my friend. She will love it so much and then love me so much her privates will tingle. We're REALLY good friends.

Ana Victoria Calderon said...

you're cool

Abigail said...

Just found you from a business card from BlogHer. Love the stuff. I'm totally going to go peruse Etsy now!

Alisha said...

I just saw your etsy shop and I had to stop by and say that you're pretty damn awesome.
And funny.
..and I want to be you.

That's all.



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