April 2, 2011

I want to be friends with Harry Dingleberry & go to a Urethra show.

Sometimes, just for funsies, I like to search for what people are saying on twitter.

Last week I wanted to see if anyone was talking about dingleberries.

Of course, they totally are. In between all the inquiries & explanations about what a dingleberry is, I found this gem:
There were also people tweeting about how embarrassing it would be to have the last name Dingleberry.

Which lead me to see if there were many people on facebook with the last name Dingleberry. There are quite a few, actually.

I sent Harry Dingleberry a friend request.

Then I was curious to see if there were many girls named Urethra. Surprise! There are!

There's even a punk/pop Indonesian band named Urethra.

Do they know their name means pee hole? Are they aware that the fancy paint splatter on their flyer looks like pee droplets? Do they find love, hope, pain & friendship in their pee holes? Was this all brilliantly intentional? Or did they think that the name Urethra just sounded SUPER COOL?

I have got to find some answers. It seems like they know a little English, so I'm going to post on their facebook fan page wall & ask them.

I'll update if I get a response.


!!!!!!!!!!!URETHRA UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I wanted to point out that the Urethra dude in the middle with the alligator shirt reminds me of Sid the Science Kid's Grandma. 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!URETHRA UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm SO entertained by all of this. 


Christine S said...

I don't think they're serious. The pic says to me, "we are brilliantly making fun of something from inside of it." It's the second guy from the right that tipped me off. Great post.

barb said...

i wonder if their music is incendiary, like my urethra right now. oh, did i say too much?

Amber said...

I love that they just answered "yeah i know, so??". The internets are rad.

Kelly said...

This made me laugh real hard! I like the 'I really like your new merch..' comment - Robin - u are hilarious!! Thank you for the laugh.

ShanaRose said...

Oh! oh! OH! I love the internet tooooooo! Well, obviously. Who doesn't?

It led me to you...ah :)

Uhm...your blog, by the way, is gorgeous! I love all the buttons and things.

Marty said...

You're a dang genius, woman.


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