April 28, 2011

big love & big hugs

Is there anything more precious than watching your 2 year old run around in the sunshine? 
I love her narrative as she discovers the life around her.
"Wook, Mommy! A Bird! Wook, Mommy! A Twee!"
Then she'll spin around & around & say, "I'm cwazy! I'm cwazy!" 
All of a sudden, she has sprouted long arms & long legs. She got those from her father. 
I don't get the cuddly, snuggly baby hugs anymore. 
I get long limbed monkey hugs. 
I'll take em in any form.
Especially in the morning when I fetch her from her crib & she lays her head on my shoulder & says, "Oh, so nice... so cute."
It makes the 48+ hours of labor all worth it.
I think I'll keep her. Strawberry stains & all. 
You know the Big Love Fest is this weekend, right?!! 
One would think it was a crazy, hippie orgy in Asheville but it ain't. (Maybe later?)
It's a compilation of local artists & crafters & beer & food located in the heart of downtown. 
I'll be there in a booth with some brand new original posters & Mother's Day cards & all sorts of ridiculous shit that I come up with. 

I also wanted to do something different & fun & interactive so I am going to set up an easel for large, intuitive, colorful, sketchy caricatures of you. I will be paying attention to your mannerisms & your clothing & what comes out of your mouth. I'm really excited about it. So, come on by so I can paint you! (a 14"x17" original is only twenty bucks! Nudes will be five bucks because I figure you should be paying me to see your exquisite body. Spots will be limited). 

Big love & thanks go out to Franzi, Kip, Justin & Brandy & everyone else who have a hand in making this happen! 

If you live in Asheville & you don't come, we can't be friends anymore. Just kidding! (Sort of). 


Cherice said...

Oh how I wish I lived in Asheville....or had known about this earlier. Big Love Fest sounds like a ton of fun!

Ursula said...

YOU ARE SO RAD ROBIN PLEMMONS! I hope you still like me even though I wasn't able to get to the festival. I was there is spirit. Did you feel me all around you?

Annah said...

I absolutely love it. Too precious :)

Annah said...

p.s. I LOVE LOVE New Orleans. Went there last year and it is absolutely magnificent. And the food! Don't get me started.

Tori said...



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