March 11, 2011

big picture

Excuse me for a second while my tender heart melts into a giant puddle.


Like most of you, I woke up & saw the internet flashing the horrific news coming from Japan. 

Pictures & videos & broadcasts of complete devastation sweeping cars & buildings & PEOPLE away. 

Friends on facebook & twitter worrying & praying for their loved ones who are missing or potentially in the path of destruction. 

And here I am arguing with my husband for stupid, petty shit that doesn't even freaking MATTER. 

It's sobering & humbling.

Having never been the victim of a natural disaster, I cannot imagine what it does to your life, to your family, to your soul, to your everything.

I'm going to step back & look at the big picture. 

Thankful for all the love in my life. 

Wishing you the same. 

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