March 28, 2011

Business cards that won't make you yawn or puke!

You know what's important? Making a good first impression. (Having cheese in the house is important too but that's another post for another time). 

It's particularly important to make a good first impression when you come in contact with people who you'd like to work with or be best friends with or make out heavily with or maybe even potentially make babies with. 

That's why your business cards shouldn't suck. 

Sucky, boring business cards make you look like YOU'RE sucky & boring. And chances are, you're not sucky or boring at all. I'm betting you're awesome & invigorating.

So, when I got the opportunity to review some Tiny Prints business cards, I was sure as hell going to find some that portrayed just how non-sucky & un-boring I aim to be. 

I'm a big fan of their adorable yet modern invitations & announcements already so I wasn't surprised to find that they have lots of fantastic business card designs to choose from. 

Some of the contenders:
I love a good, solid chevron print in bold, contrasting colors. I'm guessing Janice Sorensen in Naperville does too.
You won't soon forget a card with a big ass tooth on it, will you?
I was tempted to choose this one & have it say, "I'm  not a dentist. I just really liked this big ass tooth design." 

If you're the type of person who really enjoys popping the lens out of your 3D glasses & wearing them around like they're real glasses, this cool, eye-catching design is for you.

It was hard narrowing it down because there are several that I really liked but in the end I wanted something a little more personal & customizable so I went with the one called "Upper Management." It allowed me to upload pictures on the front AND the back. I also liked that they had a lot of cute fonts & several different colors to choose from. It was all fairly simple & really easy to do. This is good for those of you who may be a little technologically challenged. 

This is what I ended up with! 

The front. It's very exciting & unforgettable, isn't it? 
The back. It's one of my card designs! 

Using a photo of your good looking face ups the chances that your recipient will remember you the next time you run into each other in real life & online. Even better if you use the same picture for all your avatars. The picture of my greeting card on the back allows me to show people what my cards look like instead of trying to describe what they look like. Incorporating your unique personality into your cards is always a good move. 

After I approved the proof, they had it printed & in my mailbox within a week & a half! That's fast, especially for customized cards. 

Here they are on top of the box it came in. They turned out really great. I LOVE them. The paper is thick enough that it doesn't feel cheap. The quality is exactly what I'd hoped for. 

Do yourself a favor & get some business cards that you absolutely love. You'll be more prone to actually give them out because you'll be proud of how they look! You just never know who you'll meet next. Make that first impression a good one. It might result in making a baby. I highly recommend doing that. 

If you are considering ordering from Tiny Prints, make sure you go to their facebook page & check to see if they have any discount codes you can use. They usually have special offers. 

Disclaimer: Tiny Prints gave me free business cards in exchange for a blog post. I was not paid for my review nor was I paid to tell you that they don't suck. This is all my opinion. 


raisel said...

I have shitty business-y business cards printed by the agency I work for. The only thing I use them for is entering drawings for free lunches. (I've won two! I still have 993 cards left.)

Colleen Kelly Mellor said...

Biddy Bytes at

And now you can add my Biddy Bytes card, because we definitely agree. A spot-on, spiffy card (mine has decided bling, since I'm into giving everyone shot of positive in daily life) shouts that you're that kind of person, so make it "sing." It's the only chorus doing that when you're not around. Don't go for "yawn cards." Captivate others from the git-go by giving your business cards that are MEMORABLE and deserve to be called "keepers"!!


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