January 28, 2011

I promise I'm not lame.

Hellooooo out there!

Ok, so I've been stuck in a blogging vortex. That's the short explanation. The long (& amazingly intriguing) explanation will have to wait.

For the moment, though I feel like I need to at least throw a post up because I'm at Blissdom- a blogging conference in Nashville. I'm meeting all these other bloggers & handing out my (ghetto fabulous, hand made) business cards with my info & shit. I'm afraid people or (you reading this!) will think I'm super lame & kind of sucky. Which is only partially true.

I do have more recent posts up over at Aiming Low though! I listed some of them below. Read them if you're a fan of crotch talk & ninja toddlers. And if you don't like crotch talk or ninja toddlers, we can't be friends. Just kidding.
and just for funsies, here are a couple of my newest Valentine cards to feast your eyes upon:

Ok, now I feel better & less sucky. 


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

Just keep making your ghetto fabulous, handmade stuff, and all will be forgiven.

theknitterinpink said...

Holyfuckingshit I think I'm in love with you. I can't stop laughing. You are my freaking hero.

Expect a large etsy purchase soon.

jennyonthespot said...

Bwahahahaha! HI Larious!

Lynn said...

this post made my day when I saw it...partly because I love everything that comes out of you and mostly because I have been checking your page like a maniac for a new post. New to the blog and already an addict for your amazing stuff, I think I'm all caught up on your past and your life. Hmmm...that sounds creepier than I am. Just sending a little <3 your way! Thanks for all my awesome stuff you've made so far!

Mommy Shorts said...

OKAY— how the hell did I miss you at Blissdom??? We could have bonded over Nutella and Astroglide. Which incidentally sounds like the best date EVER. And now I'm heading to your Etsy shop.

The Empress said...

Oh, I am so glad Mommy Shorts found you.

You are wonderful.

I can't believe I didn't hear about you, but I will be here, a lot.

Already I know that. Already

Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

Those is some giggly cards lady. I do love me some PG-13 humor. Plus your blog title put that Accept song "Balls to the Wall" in my head.

The Flying Chalupa said...

Yes, the Empress pointed me in your direction and I ALWAYS do what the Empress says - because she's right, you are effing hilarious. You had me at nipple hair in the side bar. And also at hand-made business cards. But the no farting during sex was pretty great too (that's what she said).

LiBBy said...

Lovin U! Do you have the "Wish U were here" card in panty size XXL ? If so..I want me sum.



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