December 10, 2010

this is happening! go to there!

Your favorite downtown funky gift shop is ready to party!
I'll be there, all merry & bright, with a bunch of my most titillating creations.
Block of awesome paintingsnaughty greeting cards, shitty Asheville postcards, new magical unicorn butt postcards & the cutest personalized ornaments you'll ever see in your entire life that day. 

my new fave

I'll have some of these uber cool old school notebook paper ornaments there ready to personalize.
And as usual, LOFT has a large, vibrant selection of frames, candles, jewelry, books, pillows, feather boa christmas wreaths & these:
It's an ashtray. Brilliant! 

I think it's safe to say that your whole year will be shot to hell if you're not there. 
The LOFT girls are so much fun & they love wine & a good time, so come on out & get your bells jingled. 

1 comment:

Amber said...

Uh--- I need like three of those for my own house! And now I want to make a lighter that says "jesus hates it when you smoke". Your Amy Sedaris gift inspired me. Have a great weekend Robin!


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