December 3, 2010

magical happenings all up in my face!

There are so many fun (& exhausting) things happening, y'all. 
I shall not complain though!
That's what happens when you put your balls to the wall.
(P.S. I'm brainstorming about creating a balls to the wall movement! It's mission would be to encourage you to take those dreams you have & make them a reality. Whatcha think? I'm open to ideas). 

I'm scrambling around our little house in preparation for the Big Crafty! It's this Sunday & if you live anywhere near Asheville, you should totally be there. Even if you don't have any money to spend, you should go because, hello, there will be FREE LOCAL CRAFT BEER. 
And it's total eye candy with crack in it. Who doesn't like that? 
AND I want to see you! Come say hi to me! 

go look at their website- it got a fancy new holiday makeover! (It looks awesome, Justin & Brandy)!

I'll also be selling these magical unicorn postcards:

and the ever-popular Asheville postcards! 

If you want some- get there early because supplies are limited! I'd hate to disappoint you. 

I have lots of new designs for my "blocks of awesome"  that I'm hoping will make you blush & giggle like a fool. At least I did when I created them. Oh! They will be on SALE too! Normally they are $35 in my shop & all over town but I'm pricing them at $30 just for Big Crafty shoppers. Booyah!

If you don't live near Asheville & are pissed that I'm not offering you a discount too, have no fear- I have a coupon code for you! Enter the code: BALLSTOTHEWALL when you checkout to get 15% off your entire purchase. Boom. 

Other awesome things:

My homey Amber is having a trunk show at Hip Replacements!
(I made this flier for her. I kinda like it a lot). 

need more awesome? 
go lay your eyes on my very first post for
 It's entitled, "I swear to be uncouth & nothing but uncouth, so help me God."

My large friend Derek (who has a tattoo of a taco on his thigh) left this comment earlier: "Your words are like magical pudding. …just saying this is the start of something good and pudding y." I can only hope, Derek. I can only hope. 


Michelle said...

Balls to the wall... yep that explains it all!
Good post.

elizabeth said...

Will you still be my friend when you're famous?

P.S. you made my very large husband very happy.

Anna Marie said...

Robin, love love love the blog. I grew up in Asheville...
Do you have a brother who graduated AHS in 1986 or thereabouts? That was my class.

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

When you say "movement" in a blog post, I expect it to be proceeded by the word, "bowel."

Just sayin'.

Lisabeth said...

Dear Robin -
I met you at the Big Crafty and we chatted (well your friend Emily and I chatted) about a donation for the Flip Flop Hop.
cuz i wold love to have your stuff for the auction and i think you are the shit. :) and your daughter Ruby is a cutie!


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