December 13, 2010

Celebrating a living legend. Happy Birthday Sarah!

Today is a special day. 
Not only is it Taylor Swift's 21st birthday (& quite possibly Jake Gyllenhall's lucky day)...
It also happens to be my dear friend Sarah's anniversary of the day she came out of her mom's body. 
(Thanks Regina for all the pushing!)

She is one of those people that spreads joy & love & diet coke & sweetness wherever she goes. 
I am lucky & blessed & super mega uber fortunate to have her on speed dial. 
She brings the happy. 
How can you not love that face?! You can't.
And since we don't live in the same town & I can't squeeze her neck & give her a cake & throw confetti at her face, I will do what I can- which is show her some love on my slice of the internet. 
So, allow me to indulge in a small photo montage of pseudo jokey jokes that you probably won't get...
but Sarah will. 

Sarah, my homey, you are the kind of friend that everyone wants & deserves.
You are the kind of person that I strive to be.
You are gracious & beautiful & vivacious & compassionate & unexpectedly hysterical. 
I love you like crazy & am so happy you like me. 
Happy happy HAPPY Birthday to youuuu!

(special thanks to Miriam who is responsible for being our matchmaker). 

P.S. My 2nd Aiming Low post is up today! Go read, let your hair down & shake your ass area. 
P.P.S. Aiming Low is helping to support a struggling single mother (who is also going to school & working) with 4 children have a merry Christmas. Would you consider giving a dollar or two? Every dollar matters. Go here for more info. Thanks for your consideration. 
Baby Jesus, Santa & Sarah would be so proud of you. ;)


Miriam said...

That made me tear up.
I love the way you love each other. and I love even more that I got props for bringing you together because you know I was going to bring it up if I didn't.
I wanna kiss you both on the lips right now.

Amy said...


beth said...

What a nice the pictures!


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