November 2, 2010

pictures, pumpkins, & poop.

It's a little wild over here at our house (par for the course I guess).
Lots of sucky stuff happening as well as lots of potentially super awesome/amazing stuff. 
I would tell you all about it but I probably shouldn't air our dirty laundry today. 
Maybe I will in the future. It might overwhelm me more to type it all out. 
And then with the super awesome stuff- there's the whole "don't count your chickens before they hatch"  thing. 
I've got some fun announcements that I don't want to announce just yet. 
Everything that's happening right now is kind of giving me nervous diarrhea. 
It's like a roller coaster ride of feces! Weeeee! 

So, all that to say, I don't have a lot of words right now but I DO have pictures! 
I'm not going to comment on how fat my neck looks or how Ruby failed to look at the camera or how Zack looks like he's wearing those geriatric sunglasses that fit over regular glasses.
I'm just going to be thankful for my sweet sweet family that I love love love. 
As per tradition, we hit up the pumpkin patch. Only this time we were a tad bit late cause there weren't any ding dang pumpkins left except for the warty lookin' ones & the teeny ones. 
Ruby wouldn't even sit still for the obligatory "sitting with Daddy in front of the red door" photo.
That's ok though. This is where she is in life right now. She's all over the place. 
It makes me laugh. 
It also makes me want to drink heavily.
Do you feel that? It's my heart swelling. 
This little girl will do that to ya.
After that, we went cruisin' along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
This is Buzzard's Rock. Zack took me here on our 2nd date. It's also where he used to go & drink with his buddies in high school. So, it's practically sacred ground. 

 It's nice to be married to a local boy who knows his way around dirt roads.

This reminds me of my grandaddy. He used to let me sit in his lap & drive his old truck around the farm.
I really miss him & the farm. 

Here's Ruby in her all her trick or treating glory. She was a butterfly because it was free. 
(Thanks for that, Emily!)
Still working on getting her to smile on command. Not an easy task. 
Threatening doesn't help. 
Neither does bribing with candy. That little punk would just grab it & run like hell. 
And here we are in our fab last minute costumes. 
Our name tags say "We will poop at your party." 
(Which is true if your party last longer than 2 hours. I'm fairly regular). 
And the sign's fine print declares- "Mostly because we are tired and/or lazy & don't have $ to spend on costumes."
Zack looks thrilled doesn't he? The dude can't smile for pictures properly. If he tries to it just looks like he's fake smiling. It's because he can't fake anything. 
Unlike me. 
I fake it all the time. 
Just kidding! 
I don't need to with a hunk like that. Owww! 


Nichole said...

Your family is adorable.

Revolu said...

Gawd this made me miss you guys. + Weaverville too. (tears)

n8rlvr said...

I love how you started this post about poo & ended with poo. It really is a "roller coaster ride of feces! Weeeee!"

Rhiannon said...

Love that photo of Buzzard's Rock! I've been haranguing my husband about a trip through the mountains here in Montana just so I can see a view like that.

Also, you're funny in a way that totally makes the fact that I'm writing the worst paper ever less oppressive.

mad tea ami said...

I love this post!

You are awesome.

~ Ami

jesmuj said...

So now you know why Ruby won't or can't smile for pics. She must be like Zach and can't fake it either. This part made me laugh because Gus never smiles in the first take and then i take the camera and review it and ask him to smile. and like you said it looks fake. Why can't they just think of something that makes them smile and well, smile? Isnt that why we are supposed to say cheese? Antonio on the other hand is quite the performer and all i say is "smile" and he does. thanks for your blog. Always enjoy your writing.


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