November 29, 2010

making babies is fun.

Do you like how I was all, "I'm going to blog in installments!"& then never freaking blogged in installments? 
Sorry about that.
 I have had a chronic, long ass to-do list & am trying to tackle that mother before it devours me whole. 
If I don't stay ahead of things, I get overwhelmed & FREAK THE EFF OUT.  
I feel so crazy lately but there's some exciting stuff going on that I'm going to remain annoyingly vague about. We shall see how it all unfolds...!

Anyways! Here's a picture-heavy post to please your eyeballs!
But 1st, let me have the pleasure of introducing you to my friends Steve & Nikki. 
This is the handsome couple at their beautiful, intimate, candle-lit wedding at Zambra's. 
Lots of deep red roses & sangria & tapas & sexy people. 
Look at all that love. 
They are awesome (to say the least). 
This is them at Halloween this year. 
super attractive, y'all. 
It was only a matter of time before these overly good looking people made a small human with their genitals.
Lo & behold, they connected in a special way & look what happened:
Nikki got knocked up. Yay!
She's had the best pregnancy. Hasn't felt sick at all, still wearing her normal jeans (!!!?!), & looks amazing 24/7. We should all hate her... but it's impossible to do. 
She's having a little boy & is sort of modeling her nursery around this one:
It's Jenna Lyons' boy's room. Jenna is the Creative Director of JCrew. 
That's where we got our inspiration for her shower. No typical baby blue booties to see here. 
I was not in charge of the food. This is good because I do not cook well. 
That's where Sommer stepped in. 
We're talkin' shrimp & grits, chai latte cupcakes, chocolate bombs... some serious delectable dishes. 
(P.S. for all you foodie people, go check out her drool-worthy blog.)
I handled the decorations & flowers. That's way more up my alley. 
I got that yellow bucket at the Screen Door for $3. Booyah!
Here's our lovely guest of honor. She is literally glowing. 
It's not just because she likes to break open glow sticks & rub them on her body. 
(Just kidding! She doesn't do that. But she should. That would be so badass).
Here I am trying to not cross my eyes & stick my tongue out like an idiot.
That card in front is similar to what the invitations looked like. 

Women came from all over to celebrate Nikki's wombmate.
Love that Sarah smile. She's like sunshine.
yay for friends!
her mom & crazy ass sisters. 
So adorable I could puke. 
love them!
The favors were antique bottles with yellow spray roses & lamb's ear in them.
If you look closely at the whale tag, you might notice that the whale has a penis.
Appropriate because Nikki is having a boy. Hence the penis.
The stunning hostesses. I have a bad habit of photo bombing my own pictures. I'm a bad poser. 

We ate like champs & showered Nikki with little baby gifts & played shower games that weren't lame. 
P.S. Pregnancy pictionary is a winner. Try drawing episiotomy without laughing. I dare you. Do it now. I bet you can't do it with a straight face because ultimately, you have to draw lady parts.
 And then it always ends up looking like a strange canoe or baked goods. 

If you wanna see about 70 more photos, click here!

(P.S. If Nikki looks familiar, it's because she is responsible for introducing Zack & I at her 80's Rock Star party).


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

You have amazingly adorable friends.

Avitable said...

Did someone say whale penis?

robin said...

Angie- you're one of them.

Adam- I said whale penis & shockingly, I wasn't even talking about you.


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