November 9, 2010

I'll type your face.

Y'all! I entered a contest. I never do that. 
But this one got me all excited.
Not crotchally excited.
Just aesthetically excited. 
Big difference.
Have a look:
Design Sponge, one of my fave sites ever in the history of sites, asked for their readers to submit their own original alphabet designs. I was all over it. 
Although I will say, I'm not overly confident about what I came up with. 
They just need some sprucing up or something.
It's probably because of the lack of color. 
Too plain for me. 
Anyways, I'll stop nit picking my work & just show them to you!

This one is called Mother Father. I don't know why I called it that. Just go with it. 
here's Big Booty! It sounded fun & playful & the B reminds me of a butt.
I'm calling this one "Hollow" because it's like, hollow. 
 & Lackadaisical 
Ok, so I may not win anything but at least I tried, right? And for that, I'm proud of myself. 
It's good practice to put myself out there. 

I just read on twitter that there are over 400 submissions. Whoa. They are going to choose 10 finalists this week & then it's up to the public to vote for their favorite. I can't wait to see what they choose. 
I friggin love typography.

I whipped this up the other day for a home show I'm going to be a part of!
They do have an official graphic for it but for some reason it wouldn't let me save it as a picture. Whatevs.
Anyways- you should totally come if you live anywhere near here. By the way, it's in Weaverville, not BFE. It's only 6 miles from downtown. (Plus, you can swing by Well Bred Bakery & pick up a Mountain Eclair- which is the size of a baby head). There's going to be all sorts of handmade goodies that you will die over. I'm talkin' jewelry, art, pottery, handbags, glass bongs, crocheted thongs, & the finest meth in town! Ok, I lied about some of those. 
Feel free to grab the pic & spread it around the internet. Tell all your homeys & people you may or may not know in real life.

I know there's more I wanted to tell you but my eyes are rolling into the back of my head & I almost drooled on my laptop. I am so attractive right now. 


Joanna Bolick said...

I love big booty especially! I would buy your fonts!

bonnie @ going home to roost said...

GOOD LUCK!!! i love them all, especially mother father and lackadaisical. yeah! will be watching, can't wait to see the finalists!

nichole said...

You should definitely be peddling these to the digital scrapbooking crowd. I love "lackadasical" and "big booty." You rule.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

Dude. Fonts give me a hard-on.

Yours? Make me finish.

MJG said...

Already planning out how to spend my 1% finders' fee.

sara kate eubanks said...

hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that you get to be a finalist!!! oh yes oh yes oh yes!!

Gina said...

I like Mother Father. Good luck!!

Purse Pixie said...

Love the lackadaisical! I feel that way most days.

caro mcglade said...

yea!! you named 'em!

Leslie Ruth Petree said...

Oh, lackadasical is your signature font! Love, love, love.

Rachel said...

Robin, this is Rachel, Stueybottom's wife. I blogged about your Etsy bc it's amazing...and I wanted you to know that =) It was fun bumping into you at Bele Chere (sp? I never get it right). YAY.

n8rlvr said...

The Mother/Father is my favorite. Good luck! I hope you win!


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