October 15, 2010

Photos of Zack that make me want to french him. Volume 1.

Excuse me a second while I delight in my spouse's mug.
Rumor has it, there was lots of Jack in that Coke.
I LOVE THIS PICTURE. Those are balloon boobies & the hot female shall remain nameless. 
fun with facial hair

I am sad for all humans that don't have the pleasure of being married to this man. 

He's totally got game.
Definitely has a way with the ladies. And dudes like him too.
Once he had a gay buddy offer him everything he had in his bank account (around $8,000) for a taste. Not the whole "entree" just an "appetizer." 
Zack politely turned him down (after considering it for around 2.5 seconds) but isn't that crazy?
Sometimes when we're low on funds I joke about trying to find that guy for some easy cash.
Apparently, that's only funny to me. 
Another thing that's only funny to me? When Zack asks me where something is & I respond every time with "it's in your butt." 
Another thing that's only funny to me? When Zack calls me on the phone & asks me what I'm doing & I respond every time with "masturbating." 
For the record, I don't do that & I don't even know what that means. 

We're going out tonight baby. I asked him what he wanted to do & he said, "Drink wine & 'do it' outside."



Meghan said...

I love y'all so hard over the Internet.

I also wanna meet you hard.

Sassy said...


Also every time I call and ask Jeff what he's doing, he says "masturbating."

Me and Zack, we are so effing lucky.

Rachel said...

That whole, "Get drunk and do it," my husband says that too.

MJG said...

He's so charming I'm still not mad at him for making me drink all that whiskey at Swanky three years ago.
He's so charming it was kinda presh when he was puking off the railing at Swanky how many? years ago.
He's so charming he makes me want to drink moonshine straight out of the jar.
I love y'all silly peoples.

HISdaughter said...

My Mister's favorite line? In his thickest Chcago accent: "you wanna get done, 'cause I'll do ya."
H O T.

Malia said...

This made me smile and giggle. Hope y'all have fun tonight! Try not to get arrested...

Shana said...

That pic of him in the toboggan is awesome!

ANn Mahoney KaDar said...

I love him. I love you too. I am masturbating RIGHT NOW.

Becky Swann said...

This was awesome!

Revolu said...

Tell Zackary hello for me. I'm jealous.

Erin said...

I agree on his hotness. He's a skoch Russell Crowe/Joey Fatone if Fatone was not stupid looking. And I am SO USING "in your butt" from now on.

sara kate eubanks said...

that sexy sexy man! i especially like that last photo. hot damn!

Stephanie said...

"Drink wine & 'do it' outside."


i want him!

:) hope you had fun!

PS: sorry 'bout the ADD. :(

The Bearded Iris said...

OMG, you are KILLING me. You are a mother-frankin' hoot, girlfriend. And your man is HOT. I don't know whether to love you or hate you. Let's go with love.


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