October 26, 2010

obscene things come to those who wait

People & dudes! Hi!

Please forgive my lack of posting. It's not you, it's me. I'm a semi-circumstantial slacker. I am also a regular slacker too.

I wanted to say thanks so much for all the feedback you left about my crazy ADD post. Seriously you guys said lots of encouraging things that made me love you real big. In case you were wondering (& you might be because I've had some people asking), vyvanse is alright. I mean, honestly, I can't actually tell. So I don't know if it's working or not. Maybe I need to up the dosage or something... but I do go back to see my doc in a couple weeks so I guess we'll talk about it & adjust accordingly then. I just don't want to feel all tweaky n shit. Or maybe I'll find a more natural way to deal with it.

The only side effects I have had are dry mouth (eww) & a lack of appetite (WHICH I'M NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT). Normally I think about food way too much (hence the cute fat rolls). But since I've been on Vyvanse I don't even think about it. Like, I will go all day & forget to eat. That's bad cause it's obviously not healthy at all & I could develop an eating disorder by default. This is highly unlikely but you never know how people will respond under the influence of brain drugs.

I've been consciously attempting to stick to my lists & priorities but I'm not noticing any difference on my ability to focus & finish things. And I'm still losing my keys & my baby. Just kidding. I haven't lost Ruby... yet. (Everyone stop what you're doing & knock on wood).

So, there's that.

In other news! I've been working on other ornament designs!
 all of them come with a red ribbon.

I super like them. They're not your typical fragile Christmas ornaments- which makes for a perfect, personalized keepsake for years & years. Ideal for the family with wild ass children (or rascally pets) (or intoxicated grandparents) who tend to eff up the Christmas tree every year. AND guess what? They're all hand painted & hand scripted with tons of my crafty love on salvaged wood. So not only are you supporting handmade, you are saving the Earth! You're an Earth saver! Yay you!

They can all be personalized to your liking on both sides of course. So you can add your anniversary, like I did above, or a baby's birthdate & all the other important baby stats like weight & length & time of birth & size of their 1st meconium or maybe even the length of your episiotomy. (P.S. don't click on that link if you are a female & are considering children in the future). 

On another, less vagina-y note, do you like my new vintage-y looking photos with rounded corners? I recently discovered picnik.com (where have I been? Oh right, I've been dilly-dallying with holes & faces & blingee-ing people) & I went a little crazy on my photo collection. See:
sweet little Madeline.

My friend James & his new album cover. He's so not in a band & isn't a singer but if he was, he should TOTALLY use this. By the way, he is just as adorable as you think he might be.

See where Ruby got her fingers in the black paint? 

wee little sweet cheeks

speaking of, prepare yourself for more cheeks...

Hey, at least it's not an ugly ass. It could be a lot worse. Zack has an adorable, hairless backside. And I didn't show you his brown eye. You are welcome.

I'm thinking this is a serious contender for this years Christmas card. YOU CAN'T TELL ME you don't want this on your refrigerator. I got picnik skillz y'all! 

For more etsy shop updates and maybe less nudity, see here & here. xoxo

Oh! I almost forgot! You can now find a crapload of my paintings at one of my fave Asheville shops, LOFT on Broadway. Super yay.


Cathy said...

You are the shit!! So glad to have met and connected with you.....I buy my boys each a new Christmas ornament every year and I think I have the perfect place in mind!! Oh, and what's-his-name is totally cute and should totally use that picture as his album cover! ;)

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

I hump in your general direction of artistic Awesomeness.

Ivey Handcrafted said...

don't you love picnik....I have a MAJOR addiction to it......

and I LOVE these ornaments.....

Alyssa said...

i only JUST got what the term brown eye means... after all these years. WOW. hahahaha

Meghan said...

Omg Robin I lurve you. Like... You are awesome. And I def want an Xmas ornament.

Also, hiiiiiiiiiiiiii James.


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