October 6, 2010

More Ruby's birthday cuteness. Video form.

Zack totally looks drugged in these videos. He is not. Ok, maybe a little. His shoulder is still sucky.

I like watching her mouth when she says her "O."

Ok, I'm just now noticing the major typo in the opening title. My bad.


TL said...

She is freaking adorable!! Happy Birthday to Miss rRuby!

beesus said...

Uuuum having just read your guest post on the ol' S.C.'s site, I sauntered on over and now I'm all, "she's hilarious AND there are photos of an adorable child?! Unacceptable levels of awesome - unacceptable!"

Leslie Ruth Petree said...

A. The pigtails are freaking adorable.

B. I could listen to that jibber jabber all day long.

C. Duh-you was my favorite version of her letters.

Sweet baby girl...y'all are so lucky!

nick said...

Oh dear. I thought your blog was going to focus on tips for racket ballers.

Lori said...

Grayson says Ruby is silly (which translates to awesome). We are now watching these over & over. She's a smart little fart if she's doing ABC's at 2 but I guess you already knew that. Happy Birthday Ruby!


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