October 5, 2010

2 much

Our little Ruby is 2 today. 
 She is our wee ray of sunshine.
She is the precious fruit of our burning loins.
 She is our vibrant little human being. 
 She is our relentless wall artist.
 And our bouncing, happy dancer.
She is our Ruby.
And we love her so effing much.

(thanks Dad for those ridiculous sparkly, light up shoes. She loves them, of course). 


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Ruby! What a Zach face in the last photo! Perfect mesh of the both of you every time I see her! So cute!

Susan Payton said...

Oh Ma God. Your daughter is ridiculously cute. And soo about to eat all those cupcakes.

Can't wait to give my hub the "I have a crush on you" plaque I bought from you at TYpe A!

Rebecca said...

That child is almost too cute to exist.

DrDrama said...

Those shoes are uber-populr in my clinic. ALL of my patients have them!

Nichole said...

She is SO cute.


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