September 1, 2010

the most totally rad news you've ever heard right now!

Attention totally rad people of Asheville & the surrounding area! 
Here's some totally rad news for your totally rad brains to absorb!
I am the newest (& only??) sponsor for Kipper's Totally Rad Pop Culture Trivia Night! 
Can I get a hell yeah?
If you haven't been to Kipper's Trivia (Monday nights at Broadways) I pity your soul. I really do.
It's only like the most fun you'll ever have in your entire life.
I mean not really but kinda.

This is Kipper. He is serious about pop culture & Insane Clown Posse & he's wearing an Urkel shirt.

Listen to this, bitches. The team who wins 1st place gets CA$H money y'aaaaalllllll!
And now, starting this upcoming Monday, the 2nd place team will be the lucky recipients of their very own lemons with a pea original creatioooooon!!!!
 (Picture me yelling like Oprah & grabbing both of your hands so you won't hug me. She SO does that!)
All the rest of you losers get the shit that Kipper can wrangle up- like a badass light up rubber dinosaur or a delicious can of Mountain Holler or a very attractive Yuengling scarf. 

So, that's totally rad & I thought you should know about it which I why I BLOGGED.
I actually have been compiling a whole post solely based on Kipper's trivia & will be revealing it whenever the hell I feel like it, ok? 

Alright, I love you. Have a great Wednesday. I'm a little delirious from staying up all night at the ER with Zack- which is a long story but don't you worry- he is fine & it is also another post that I am compiling for your enjoyment. 
He has been saying & doing the most ridiculous things under the influence of percocet- which is "highly" entertaining.
Oh, hold up! He's calling me right now. He went to stumble walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air & has ended up at Kipper's parent's house around the corner. 
They're watching the new episode of Weeds together. 
Of course.


Stacey said...

Oh my God! I never realized Oprah's secret method of keeping people from hugging her. Thanks for the eye opening post! Second place never seemed so sweet!

Katie said...

Okay, Robin. I totally feel like a cyber stalker now. I mean, I know I've met you in person briefly at the Wink show, but I still feel like a stalker. I just think you're so talented and funny and am dying to go out and have a beer with you one night. You seem like you know the ins and outs of this town, lots of crafters I'd like to meet and you run into fabulosity like Santino and Austin Scarlett. I, on the other hand, am a sad old soul who is basically a shut in. I take care of other people's kids during the day, go to school at night, craft and deal with an ornery Greek spousal equivalent. I read your previous post about no one leaving comments, so I am. I'm putting it ALL out there! I called you talented and funny, so take pity on me and don't get a restraining order, mmmkay?


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