September 16, 2010

Ladies & Gentlepeople I give you: The Indie Craft Parade

Ok, so. You're totally going to hate this post if you don't like adorable, colorful, beautiful, hilarious hand-crafted shit. 
You can just go back to facebooking/tweeting/googling/tumbling/playingangrybirds/watchingporn now. 

Last Friday one of my fave friends Emily & I jumped in an automobile & headed down the mountain to Greenville, SC for the 1st Indie Craft Parade. 
Here's Emily looking like she's up to something- which is typically true. She's a tricky one. Not like "turning tricks" tricky but like sneaky-tricky. 
I unexpectedly got to see my sweetest friend ever, Amy. Seriously, think of your sweetest friend... now times that by like eleventy jillion & you've got Amy. I finally met her boyfriend, Dan the man. Real happy about that. (Hi Amy & Dan! xoxo) 

It was held at the newly renovated Hugenot Mill downtown. It's a beautiful building that held (I think) 77 vendors. We got there & discovered a huge line all the way down the street to get in. We waited for about 30 minutes. It was at maximum occupancy- which is good because people showed up but bad because it was crowded as hell & of course, all the waiting. I know it's a great location but they might want to reconsider a larger venue for next year because it's only going to get bigger. 
It definitely was worth it though. Take a look at these treasures...

Here's Hawleywood's super cute, colorful jewelry.
Jessica the creator sporting a necklace that I freakin love.
I die for statement necklaces. 
totally bananas.
Here's plush fave/Asheville's own Canoo!
visit her etsy shop
join her facebook page
Adorable aprons & pillows & jewelry from darling Bonnie at Going Home To Roost- this site, by the way, is a great resource for all crafters. Check out her Indie Biz section- it's chock full of info to help you grow your biz/etsy shop/blog. 
she's also a tweeter y'all. 
There she is! The inevitable post of Amber & her Vintage Vanity goods. She continues to bring the gorgeous accessories to your bodies.
find her on facebook here.
One of a kind, cool ass, hand dyed yarn by Urban Gypz Stacey! Getchoo some here.
Ooo look! It's Jimmie Lynn & Wingo designs. I'm like, so in love with the numbers. She's wearing her super cute "Cloud 9" necklace.
Gorgeous organic drawings & paintings by Annie Koelle. 
see more of her beautiful work here.
Behold! Beth Schaible Letterpress books & such!
adore this big ass postcard. 
check her out here
I'm crushing hard on this Gnome Sweet Gnome pillow from Three Bad Seeds
I immediately recognized Rajshel & her Jane Hancock paper goods from The Big Crafty. I have some of her cool ornaments. 
Super awesome Write Round Journals from Erin! 
Look at what Ashley created! These silhouette necklaces are so dreamy.
pretty pretty! Here's her site.
I finally got to meet my online homeys Lori & Amanda in person! Lori even brought me a present from her store. Thanks for that! And yes, that is a weiner pillow under her arm. Be jealous.
One look at Half & Half Designs & I was swooning. This is Nick the official poster poser. They're based out of my old stomping grounds- Columbia, SC. Go Cocks! (That was for you, Sara. She's the self proclaimed "Principal" of Half & Half Designs & is a major fan).
I mean, come on, this needs to be mine. I'm a big fan of humorous home decor.
And last but certainly not least, we have Brooke with So She Sews! This is just a small example of what she creates. Go read her etsy profile. We all need to take notes on how to be more earth friendly with our material & packaging. Super admirable & inspiring, Brooke!
As a crafter/artist myself I know what it takes to get everything done to be a vendor at a show like this & it's a lot of hard work. I hope it was a huge success for all of you talented people. 
Do yourself & this economy a favor- visit their sites & support Etsians

Congratulations to Elizabeth & Erin for organizing such a great show! 
Maybe I'll be lucky enough to participate next year.
I ain't too proud to bribe.


Three Bad Seeds said...

Woot! Thanks for the mention! Next time I would love to meet you...

Nick Half said...

AWESOME. Dang i'm showing a little belly.

Lori said...

I loved that gnome pillow and felt like it should be mine but my wallet told me otherwise. Ole Nick at Half&Half got most of my coin. xoxoxo


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