September 24, 2010

The "I'm a wiener!" & "TypeAMom crap" post!

What's up yall?! Lots going on over here. Lots to say. First, I guess I should probably talk about the local Asheville blogger awards. I won some of em. Like 6 of em. How crazy is that?!! Here's the list-
Best New Blog
Best Craft Blog
Blogger I’d Most Like to Have a Beer With
Most Likely to Make You Laugh Out Loud
Blogger You’d Most Like to See Naked
Best Overall Blog
Find the other awesome Asheville blogger/tweeter awards listed here
So, that's fun right? But I'm feeling all pressure-y & shit now. Honestly, I was pretty damn shocked. I was hoping to maybe oust my crafty pal Amy Kett of her crafty blog reign but I did not expect this at all. You'd think I was servicing people all over town for votes (which I wasn't. Sorry to disappoint). I mean, compared to a lot of other local blogs, this one is pretty shitty. Evidenced here (& in the archives):
  • First of all, I am not a writer. I freaking failed high school English my sophomore year & had to go to summer school. Maybe it was because of that poem that I wrote about menstruating. The last line was: "period. the end." 
  • My grammar is horrendous & I can't even spell weiner correctly. I'm pretty confident some of you grammar snobs would like to take a red pen to some of my posts.
  • I'm still on blogger. Apparently, all the cool/smart kids use wordpress or typepad or whatever. I feel like I'm doing well figuring this blogspot contraption out. I don't understand html or code or 100010110001010001000 jokes. I'm not that nerdy cool.
  • I'm just typing out stuff that amuses me. A lot of the time, it's just stupid shit that I think is funny. 
BUT I really do appreciate you reading & voting though! Seriously. And because I like to oblige I took this naked pic for you (minus the beer but still with alcohol)-

Cheers! Ok, so maybe I'm fully naked & maybe I'm not. You'll never know (unless you make me do a keg stand- then I'll show & tell you EVERYTHING). Trust me, though- you really don't want to see me sans clothes unless you need some serious comedic therapy. Pregnancy was a total bitch to this body. At least my nipples are still pointing out & not down like one of those ladies you see on National Geographic. I'm pretty happy about that. There's a special little tidbit for ya! You're welcome!

This weekend I'm attending the TypeAMom Conference. Actually, I'm a local sponsor (woot! Thanks Kelby!) So all the lucky attendees are receiving one of these beauties: 
(Why do I like taking pictures with my mouth open? So weird).
All of the speakers at the conference are receiving my brand spanking new personalized twitter Christmas ornaments!!! (or magnet if they indicated that they don't celebrate Christmas). I wish I had a picture to show you but I forgot to take one before I delivered them today. I will definitely get some tomorrow. Here's a half way through/unfinished shot:
They're all hand painted & hand scripted by me on salvaged wood. Yay for earth friendly handmade stuff! I added wee little red birds & they hang by red ribbon. On the back it says #seasonstweetings. 
Also, I ran out of my cute moo business cards so I improvised & made these:
I will be at the Mommy Market on Sunday morning & will have ornaments & some of my other creations available for personalization & purchase. Super excited about the whole weekend. I'm already exhausted just thinking about it but that's what I get for taking my balls to the wall motto to the EXXXXXTREME. 


Angela said...

Awesomeness! Although I think the whole awards thing was rigged. RIGGED I SAY! LOL! The ornaments are uber awesome, I may have to buy more :) And the card....yea I love YOU with all my butt!

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

YOU? are friggin AMAZING.

crankypantsknits. said...

You crafty bitch! Does this mean I have to hand over the copy of "Make Your Own Sex Toys" I got for winning last year? I didn't even have a chance to make the crochet gimp mask yet! I will see you later and lo, we will celebrate your awesomeness. MWAH!

Dulcita Love said...

Robin, Thank you for the personalized ornament. My first Twitterized ornament: color, @, #hashtag. One-of-a kind gift. ~ @dulcitalove

lesliesloan said...

you rock my freaking face off. I am the proudest friend around. For realz. You think I can get me one of demz twitterz ornaments? I love you!

Megan {Velveteen Mind} said...

What the hell?! I saw you showing a card to someone but I was actively trying not to breathe on people at that moment because I needed a mint. Sooooo... I missed your stuff because I was also too lazy to make it to the market.

Which is to say that I would have bought so much of this and not had to pay shipping! Now I'll have to go all etsy on your ass.

ps- thank you for my ornament.


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