September 16, 2010

Go Blingee Yourself.

I took a break in the midst of painting ornaments for all the speakers of the TypeAMom Conference to Blingee myself. 

                 worst Blingee evah!
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              I'm really digging the wolf.
It's almost as fun as 
I said almost. 
Faceinhole will always remain my number 1 favorite stupid ass waste of time.


Anonymous said...

is the arrow pointing to the chip in your front tooth from drinking out of a bottle of Boone's Farm? You're so hawt right now. Seriously, you're really hot, wolf & all.

Marty Weil said...

Congrats on your big blogaid award wins.

robin said...

Thanks Marty Well!!

Nikki said...

Miss Lady, I need for you to make some more cutey patootie things in your etsy shop! Also, some Chrimmis ornaments so I can pre-order that shiznit. Kthxbai!

Also: you totally sexay. The End.


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