August 21, 2010

We did not lick Santino's nipples.

I got to experience Asheville once again in a new light last night. After living here for almost 10 years, you would think that I'd done it all. Nope. Not in the least. It's another reason why I love this town. 
It's evolving. It's majorly diverse. 
It's full of amazing, eccentric souls who want to hug you & be your BFF. 
I love it.

We (the young, vibrant & soulful artist Katie Daisy) & I started out at the Local Social/Asheville Grown meet up downtown where we mingled & noshed in one of my favorite little hidden courtyards. The cool air rustled through the trees & up our skirts. 
It's good for me to get out of the house & get all breezey & shit.

Buy local. Eff the man. 
Anne Fitten Glenn. She is a mama. She is edgy. She also has "brewgasms". 
new fun friends Arthur Stubbs, Katie Daisy  & Peter Parpan. 
Look! It's Kip! Event organizer extraordinaire & Hip Replacements owner. Sad I didn't catch a shot of his pretty cohort in crime, Franzi.
Next we hit up The Vault for a couple drinkypoos & Arthur & I bonded over lip syncing to an Aaliyah song. Made me want to go rawk some karaoke.

We left there & ran into a fancy camera crew on the street. I totally knew that they had to be the team from the show "On The Road." It stars Project Runway alums Austin Scarlett & Santino Rice. There had been sightings of the 2 around town. Sure enough, we looked through the windows at Adorn Salon & there was tall ass Santino himself- sporting a moose hat. So we waited for him to come out & he was super gracious as we humped his leg & kissed his nipples  hugged him & smiled for pictures. 
Looks like Arthur & our man Santino are doing the Kid N Play, doesn't it? 
Do you see how cool we are?
(Psssst, someone remind me to figure out how to shrink my arms with magic). 
it's a good thing I bring my camera every freakin where, right? 
(Thanks "On The Road" staff person who volunteered to take these shots! You were so nice!)

He asked us if we had watched his show & I hadn't yet (but I did watch all 3 episodes of dress makeovers this morning while playing on the floor with Ruby). It's a great show. Both of them are colorful characters which makes for an entertaining display of quirky outfits & hilarious ball-related one liners. I particularly enjoyed the segment where Santino literally took a taxidermed racoon head off the wall & talked to it. The show really highlights the city where they visit so I'm interested to see how they portray Asheville. 

To celebrate our celebrity run-in we went to The Chocolate Lounge but the line was out the dang door. So we went to 5 Walnut Wine Wine Bar & enjoyed a bottle of sparkling stuff which resulted in an impromptu photo shoot of each other. 

"I just wanna be real with somebody, you know- to lay around & feel comfortable enough to scratch my inna thigh." *totally paraphrased that 

After we finished the bottle & had thoroughly covered topics like sex & co-dependent relationships & the taste of breast milk, we decided to go dancing. At Scandal's. What what.
This is my famous "hold up, I think I smell my own sweaty butt" move.
(P.S. you like my new dress? $16.99 at TJMaxx y'all! & it has pockets. Boom). 
taking a break from all the rigorous gyrations. 
They both danced so gracefully like they had just gotten stung by wasps.
It twas fun & pretty much scandalous. 

I ended up having to take Katie home. (All the bubbles had gone to her pretty little head). So I had the privilege of seeing her beautiful cozy little mountain retreat tucked away down a dirt road. A deer ran across our path in the driveway if that tells you anything. I loved seeing her studio/work space where she creates masterpieces like this:
seriously, go look at her stuff. It's beautiful. Look for her very own Katie Daisy line in Hallmark stores all over the place soon! Can you say awesome? 
Well I can. And I will. Especially about this incrediballs Asheville summer night.


Rebecca Martin said...

Robin, you are gorgeous in that dress. It is perfect on you. I would go try and buy it myself, but my boobs would never look as good in it as yours. (Plus, I have no waist right now - which I realize every time I see a cute dress and consider trying it on.)

daisy said...

You are so funny.

I had such a great time! Also. Give me that one pic of us... I know you probably don't like it, but I do :p

We're both smiling and pretty.

Posting some of these to FB. That cool withyoo?

Love you, Robin! Let's have another good time sometime soon :)

K. daisy

Becca said...

reasons #5678 why i miss asheville: things like that just happen. like when i saw blossom at doc cheys. mayim bailik with her cute husband and baby enjoying pad thai, with no joey in site. whoa. these things just happen. i am so jealous. love santino and austin.

Joanna Bolick said...

Dude, there you go again corrupting the very sweet & adorable Katie Daisy! : )
You do look HOT in that dress!

Edgy Mama said...

If I'd only know y'all were dancing at Scandal's...

Lovely to see ya, if only briefly. I got pulled away by my crew to Barley's and The Prospect. I'm still kind of in pain.

d said...

i don't know how i found your blog, but i'm so glad i did. some funny shite. cool that you're in Asheville. i love it up there! (i'm from ATL)

anyway, i just bought one of your cards from etsy! very cool & perfect for an upcoming occasion. TTFN!

Nanci said...

Bought my BFF a Katie Daisy print at Big Crafty for her birthday and she loved it!

Sounds like a rockin' Asheville night out. But aren't they all?


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