August 10, 2010

show yo love!

These are words people have Googled & have consequently found this blog:

  • baby sugar canary porno
  • old balls
  • yoohoo pee a lot
  • i'm not gay
  • I put my balls on the wall 
  • hang out with Steve
  • wine boobs
  • avatar porn
  • antiques roadshow Tobias Funke
  • das how I knew it's TJ's baby
  • ass tat
  • did you catch the bieber fever
  • don't hate participate
  • scrunchie
  • zack farts
Some are actually a lot more disturbing but I refuse to type them cause it would probably make your brain reject the input & implode on contact. And that would be super messy. It would also probably ruin your day.

And just because I love you, here's my latest face in hole.


Rockin The Suburbs said...

I read.
I love.
I shall comment!

crankypantsknits said...

You are the wind beneath my manties.

Gina said...

Going to look at my Google Analytics keywords in a moment....

I LOVE your blog, Robin!! I too wish that my lurkers would comment on mine...

robin said...

Thanks LaDawn! You are so cute.

Amy- Does that make me your fart? I hope so.

Gina- I will go comment on YOUR awesome blog right now. xo

Gina said...


Ok, so my most popular keywords are "sleep regression" "play kitchen" and "nightstand"

Somethings tells me we're speaking to a slightly different audience here ;)
Or else, I need to shake things up a bit!


Kerry said...

Brennan is looking over my shoulder as I am reading your blog...after looking at your face in the whole pic he asked, "What is that?"
I said, "my crazy friend robin"
B: "She is silly with her nose like that"
Me: "You're right Brennan, she is silly!"

Just thought you'd like to know we were talking about you!

Katherine said...

I seriously LOL'd at "das how I knew it's TJ's baby" and fully plan to work that phrase into conversation sometime in the next week.

Sarah said...

My comment is always that you are my favorite and everything you do is my favorite.

Snatchit said...

to my #1 make me :) and :D a whole bunch. everything you do is cuckoo...and i LOVE it!!

robin said...

Gina- I dare you to spice it up. Start blogging about your sex life. Or not.

Kerry- that is so cute!!! Aww little Brennan! I would love to be a fly on the wall in your house!!

Katherine- i really hope you are successful.

Sarah- not true. my farts are not your favorite.

Snatchit- oh yeah? well you make me (oYo) <--those are boobies.

Anonymous said...

i love your stuff think you're hilarious ---first day of blog reading! look forward to buying some of your stuff in the future.


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