August 12, 2010

new designs for your butt

Look y'all! New designs!
a big huge butt thanks to Shelley who gave me the idea. 
(by the way, Shell- I love Jew with all of my butt).

& this one was inspired by a dear, darling friend who told me how her body reacts when she is around (or just talks to) the dude she is totally in love with. 
I can relate. I got the runs right after Zack asked me to marry him at The Corner Kitchen
It was very romantic. 
Especially when I sharted later on that night.

Know someone who would LOVE to receive one of these little slices of happiness?
Go to my etsy shop & make their day. 
Have a great Thursday! 


Sassy said...

These are amazing. Jeff once told me that he would still love me if I had diarrhea and no legs. There's a pillow for you.

Midnight Rambler said...

I love these, especially the first! So very true :-) Longish-time reader, first-time commenter. Guilt totally works on me (dang, I wish I didn't have a Jewish mother-in-law and a Catholic Nana).

Becca said...

i am in love with the first one. and as you know, that is very true for both jed and me. i'm going to check it out on your etsy.

robin said...

Una- you need to keep him.

Midnight Rambler- hi! what a badass name you have! Thanks for guiltily commenting!!

Becca- oh yes. Jed & his cycling butt. It's real cute.

The Bearded Iris said...

I just love the verb "shart." Especially when it is used in a romantic context. Thanks for keepin' it real and making me laugh every time I'm here.


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