August 30, 2010

never a dull moment.

Ladies & gentlemen! How the hell are ya? Good I hope!
I've been preoccupied with all sorts of nonsense over here. 
You know... painting, parenting, cavorting, dreaming, dancing, boinking & obnoxiously tweeting about shallow shit.
A little bit of this & a little bit of that all adds up to a full life. 

I've been gearing up for LAAFF (Lexington Avenue Arts & Fun Festival) which is next Sunday the 5th! 
It is by far my favorite street celebration in Asheville where the freaks don't wait til night to come out- they're lettin' their flag fly, baby. I'm talkin people on stilts & crazy ass costumes- hella good bands & freakin delicious food- local handmade goods from local awesome artisans. 
You don't want to miss it.
I'll be sharing a booth with the amazing Amber Hatchett & her gorgeous Vintage Vanity jewelry. 
Zack built me a new shelf thingy to display my blocks of awesome on & I'm excited about using it. I think it'll be a superior addition. 
By the way, I just checked the weather & the high is only supposed to be 77- which makes me want to do the happy dance so hard.

Here's a selection of what I've been working on!
"Mustaches are the new owl."
(overheard at The Big Crafty by Jodi or Franzi. Can't remember which one).
these were took with photobooth hence the crappy pic. 
& more of these. The balloon is painted paper.
wee manties! always a fave.
This one is actually a special order that my online friend Lori (yes, I have online friends, shut up) had made for her friend with breast cancer. (hi Lori!) Unfortunately, I know way too many friends who need one of these. Stupid freaking cancer. 
I'm sensing a theme here. Apparently I find body parts & bodily functions amusing.
 case in point ^
boobs. gotta love em. 

In other news, Ruby is still cute!
She's been exhibiting signs of her mother. Lord help her.
She's been farting with abandon, over accessorizing, eating with her hands, wanting a cookie every g-dang minute, laughing at herself entirely too much, coloring on every conceivable surface, taking her diaper off & peeing in her bed, talking nonsense to anyone who will listen, saying no to everything, obsessing over bubbles & Elmo & having regular bowel movements. She'll be 2 in like a month! Ahhhhh!

In other less exciting but as equally nauseating news, my adorable sweetheart husband Zack is having surgery tomorrow.
I know. Not fun. He hurt his shoulder at work 6 months ago & went through a series of physical therapy & cortisone shots which didn't help so now they're going in orthoscopically to fix it. Just the thought of it is making me want to run & hide. He told me today that basically they're going to shave his collarbone down. I mean WTF?! I guess that explains why they gave him all those horse pill pain killers. We were thinking about all the things that he won't be able to do with only 1 arm.
I'm really hoping he'll figure out how to wipe his own ass.
Recovery time is at least 2 weeks.

Never a dull moment 'round these parts, y'all.


Snatchit said...

love the new stuff and lori's custom order! tell zach...good luck tomorrow and that i'll be shootin' some prayers to the big man upstairs for a safe surgery and speedy recovery.

Becca said...

i love the always french one best of all, and want it to live on the cute shelf jed made in our bedroom. i shall revisit your etsy soon.


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