July 21, 2010

we the type of people make the club get crunk

There are times in my life where I look around & think to myself,"what the eff am I doing?"

This was one of those times.

There's a lot I could say about this night cause there was definitely a ton of amusing shit going on but here's the gist.

Our beloved Anne was moving to Mexico so we boarded the LaZoom tour bus (it's kinda like an Asheville tour on acid) for an Anne-style send off. We drove around town drinking, hanging out the windows yelling at people, & attempting to sing karaoke dressed like cavemen. 

Sounds awesome, right? Well, it twas.
Here's Anne in her primal get up. 
Here's Robin K. doing God knows what to a statue at Wedge. See that phat pink leopard leotard she's wearing? She has chosen to wear it everyday for the month of July. Extremely admirable.
Here's the bus & it's riotous owner/comedienne extraordinaire Jen.
Tricky Nikki & moi! Ok, so I had to do some serious improvising to even remotely resemble a cavewoman. Which is why I wore a brown fitted bed sheet tied up with Zack's leather boot laces. I looked real stupid.
My "friends" thought it would be cool to put their empty beer cans in the back of my "dress pocket."
The rest I will show you in video form. 
Beware- there is partial ass showing & white people dancing like...well... white people.

We love you Anne! We'll see you on the flip side (& on like, facebook n shit). xoxo!

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