July 29, 2010

Texas is stupid.

I made this for my dear sweet friend Caroline who is moving back to Texas tomorrow. 
it's a line from this Ryan Adams' song 
Here's to the McGlades & their adventures!
May you be reminded of your precious mountain memories & all the people who love you here.
Now is the point where I'm going to post a picture of them that makes me laugh really hard so I won't cry again.
I will miss these ridiculous faces. 
(thanks for the picture Alaina)


Rebecca Martin said...

I LOVE that art. And that song. Beautiful.

Hate the McGlades are leaving.

Jill Rutland said...

easy girl.....don't knock it till ya try it!!

robin said...

Rebecca- thanks so much!!

Jill- you're absolutely right. I do want to come visit at some point in my life.

McGlades said...

want to say that i love you and miss you somethin BIG!


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