July 6, 2010

sneak peek

Here's a small preview of just some of the local amazeballs stuff you'll find at The Big Crafty this Sunday. 
(5"x5" on salvaged wood)
I just finished this piece of humorous home decor. I'm in love with it. Hopefully it will find it's home where it will provide unending amusement to it's owner. 

Ok, how gorgeous is this necklace from The Vintage Vanity? Amber even has necklaces made out of antique pocket knives & compacts & shit. THEY ARE SO COOL.

I adore these monster booty pants from Crankypants. And the matching shirt is too much adorableness. Amy Kett continues to outdo herself. 

I saw this at December's Big Crafty & had to have it. Mine says "You & Me" but Liz can make you a personalized one with your names on it. Made with love by Asheville's own Cozy Blue.

Here's the amazing Celia Gray & (her pup June) modeling one of her super cool belt buckles from her Buncombe Buckles line. Celia also has her newest encaustic painting collection up at Blue Spiral. Not only is she multi-talented, she's married to Brian McGee- the lead dude of Zack's band. Speaking of, they just recorded a new album called
"The Taking or The Leaving" & will make it's mega debut this Fall
& these little pieces of beautiful shot glass heaven are from my homey Elise Ramsey. See more of her colorful creations at In The Light

There you have it. Just a few pictures to whet your appetite. 

I think that after it's all over, we should all go streaking through Splasheville. Who's in?

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