July 7, 2010


Well, I have stories to tell but don't have the time to type out all the awesomeness. 

I will give you some clues:
Patron, Port-a-Potties, Cavemen singing karaoke on a bus & pink leopard crotch shots. 
(You know who you are).
I do have pictures AND video.

Get excited.

but for now here's another wee creation for you to see.
Is there one of us that this doesn't speak to? 

This is the kind of image that I need to see in front of my face every day for the simple reminder.

More now than ever, I have come into the realization that we are all constantly reinventing ourselves. Constantly moving towards new horizons, new opportunities, new perspectives, new loves. 
Sometimes a leap seems insurmountable due to the sheer weight of the perceived obstacles before us. 
I have found that all it takes is a step. And then another. And then another. 
Move towards what you love & eventually you will find your place that has been there all along. 
This is your flow of life. This is your process. 
Embrace it & begin it. 

(this is encouragement for me as much as I want it to be for you).


Miriam said...

I wanna say that I love you. I love who you are and I love that we are friends. Even if it is the long distance, we don't talk enough kind. You are pretty much awesome. Thanks for all your awesomeness.

Miriam said...

oh and one more thing. You and my friend Kate would be friends if you ever met. But I have introduced her to your blog and would like to introduce you to hers. She's funny too.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

um. I love this. Can I get one?!


Anonymous said...

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robin said...

Mir- you are amazing & make my life more better or something like that. Kate sounds ahhsome.

Welles- um, yes! Call me!


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