June 4, 2010


Hey Y'all! 

You better not be hatin' on me cause I haven't posted anything. I'm at the ding dang beach, remember?
this is me saying, "wooo."

You have no idea how much fun we're having.

All I'm gonna say is, Sarah Hughes is here & we're bra-less, eating fresh Britt's donuts, drinking champagne & talking about shitty reality TV everyday. 

That alone is full of win

 When Ruby saw the beach for the first time she ran into the waves & started yelling, "weeeeeee!!!" 

And Zack's butt crack keeps hanging out. 

Also, Steve & Nikki Whited are going to be here any minute & we're going down to the boardwalk to ride some sketchy carnie rides & people watch. We're talkin' shark shirts, jorts, & pink fuzzy bikinis. 

& of course, more freaking donuts. 

(special shout out & hi-fives go to Kristen Ashton for the mack daddy hook up).  


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