June 9, 2010

totally Beachin'

Dudes! We're back. 

Ok, we've been back since Sunday but you know how it is when you get home from a vacation, it's a virtual shit storm- there's laundry everywhere & mail piled up & spider webs in the bathtub & squatters in the basement smokin' up all your meth. The usual.

I'll say, traveling with a toddler isn't an easy task. Especially when all she wants to do these days is run around all willy nilly, not endure hours of being strapped into a friggin car seat. It helps to bring a years supply of raisins & cheerios. I also bought the Uncolor app for my iTouch which provided lots of entertainment.

By rubbing your finger across the screen, you "uncolor" the picture to reveal little pictures of animals underneath. So cute. Ruby loved it so much she kissed the screen, laughed at it, said it was "cool" & screamed when we took it away from her.

the screen starts out black.
when all the black is gone, the bee buzzes around on the screen & then a different one starts. So clever.

(Makes me want to make an app! Know anybody who makes apps?)
She did pass out eventually with bear & blankie. Sweet little thang.
When we got there, it was POURING outside & these 2 guys were doing the wheelbarrow in the grass. We thought it looked like fun, so we went out there & joined them! Just kidding. I'm not that hardcore & I'm not a fan of dodging lightning bolts.
"Look, Ma! People with scary tattoos, wearing bikinis when they shouldn't be, holding babies & smoking Kools!"
Ruby's sportin' her dingleberry suit. See the berries dangling?
 I told you Zack's butt crack was hanging out. Ow! Check out those fly ass shorts.
We brought Sarah Hughes with us cause she just makes everything more fun. There's a reason that the word Hug is in her name.

Notice there are no pictures of myself in a bathing suit. That's just too much womanly awesomeness for your screen. I wouldn't want you stumble.

Also, I had a large bug bite on the side of my right boob & it kinda looked like a 3rd nipple. So that was a little awkward. 
Steve & Nikki were nearby visiting Steve's brother so they came down for a day. Look how cute they are. (my camera batteries died right after this pic & I cursed).

The boardwalk was a sight to behold. Amusement park rides with Kelly Clarkson blaring over their blown speakers, fried foods, overly tanned teenagers smoking & talking about "hooking up". There was also the older, polo shirt, boat shoe, & pearl wearing crowd who sat in lawn chairs listening to the band playing beach music. Reminded me of the movie Shag & this song:

Kinda made me want to yell, "Y'alls the horniest bunch of white people I evah seen."

Sarah & I had been eyeing the Flying Bobs ride for several days. We had to pass it when we went to get donuts (every day). So we finally rode it together & we laughed so hard, saliva was flying out of our open mouths like dogs.

I REALLY wish I had pictures of the ride itself, which was airbrushed with crazy white people doing stunts on snow skis & the word EXXXTREME all over it. (I think Nikki took some- maybe I'll coax them out of her).

Overall it was a great trip. Of course, there's more that could be said but this post alone has taken me like 3 days to finish (in between all the other stuff going on) & I'm ready to be done with it. Know what I'm saaaayin'?

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you- we made a new friend:


Amy said...

Robin, your blog makes me want to eat a lot of sugar and jump up and down with huge amounts of excitement.

I don't personally know anyone who's created any apps, but I did hear someone's sister on the radio once say he created an app and it made him an instant millionaire. Even if I were the crappiest techie in the world (sadly, I am in the bottom 50), I'd be creating so many crappy apps (I'd probably call them that, too: crap-aps) so I could be a billionaire in no time flat.

That picture of Seal as a seal is slightly disturbing. I'm glad I finished my bowl of Kix before I saw it.

Also, I'm really glad I found your blog. I leave really long comments in other people's blogs, and I tend to set up shop in them. I hope that's not a problem. FYI. :-)

robin said...

Amy! Thanks for reading, yo! Sounds like I need to start making some damn crap-apps. So sorry about the disturbing Seal. And I welcome really long super comments.


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