June 15, 2010

take heart.

A friend commissioned me to create this one for her.
& this one is for her friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. 
(I know some of you in Charlotte know her & will recognize this verse that is so important to her but shhh don't mention it yet because it's a gift).
Stupid cancer.

It seems like not one of us hasn't been affected by it. 

It's time for a ding dang cure. 

Especially when it includes people I care about.

like Martha. 

(she's my brother in law's mother, my sister's mother in law, Kate's Mimi & our friend).
 we love you big time.

oh, & cancer- you can suck it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

way to go...thanks for making me cry! oh, and I Want one


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