June 19, 2010

she's crafty, she gets around.

Yesterday was Etsy.com's 5th birthday & Etsians all over the globe celebrated including God's favorite city, Asheville. I know this because He told me. We tight like dat.

Caroline & I shared a table & sold our goods to the lovely public. We met some ahhmazing, talented, colorful, fellow etsy loving people. And there was cake & adorable crafts & Bruisin Ales craft beer. So, that was like, super awesome especially since I hadn't eaten all day. 
Here we are utilizing my tiny pockets.
some of my new babies, I mean creations.
love this one.
some sound advice, no?
the fabulous Amy Kett of Crankypants fame holding mini manties.
new card. big hit.
another newbie. if you don't get it, slap yourself in the face & then click here & here

please just look how adorable Caroline is. 
Her stuff is pretty damn cute (button hair bands, hair clips, cabochon earrings & rings) & you can find it in her etsy shop, dearcharlotte.etsy.com. It's named after her sweet pea daughter, Charlotte. 
The rowdy crowd! Whoa now, don't get so crazy at the craft table. The dude in the hat is Sean, my friend Sophie's boyfriend who I had yet to meet. Hi Sean & Sophie! 
 What's a party without a Pin the Stache game? Sadly, no one was giving mustache rides. 
Oh! And Amber was there. Her jewelry is beautiful, y'all. She finds vintage chains & brooches & found objects (like old chandeliers!) & repurposes them. You can find her stuff at Custom in West Asheville, Honeypot downtown, in Denver at Violet & in her Etsy shop The Vintage Vanity. (And on the necks of happy customers everywhere including me). 

Go out there & support your local crafters & artisans! Skip the big box store & the flashing lights & the plastic shit & shop handmade! Etsy.com

I need to take my own advice seeing how I went to WalMart yesterday & walked into somebody's fart. Karma's a bitch.

In my defense though- I was looking for a baby pool & last time I checked, no one is making them round these parts. 

Thanks Kathleen & Lark Books for throwing the par-tay! It twas super.


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

i SHIT you not, i've coveted your manties art for like 11teen years. i swears.

even before i knew you as my secret lover-to-be, i wanted the manties.

i still want some for my wall.

must have.

Meghan said...

OMG. I LOVE the red balloon one. I want it.


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