June 10, 2010

Props, Mad Love, Fist bumps & Big Ups.

Ok, I'll admit it, I have an addiction. 

I can't stop putting people's faces in holes.

It could be worse, you know. 

I could be chewing my toenails in public. (I only do that in private). 

Just kidding, that's disgusting & I don't think I could even get my foot into my mouth. 

Hold on a sec. 

Nope. I just tried. It's impossible. I seriously need to up the ante on my flexibility skillz. 

Back to the holes.

This faceinhole post is lovingly dedicated to 3 badass, blogging women who I have interweb affection for. 

New York City's finest-
(who happen to be friends in real life)
Una LaMarche at The Sassy Curmudgeon
Here they are in Beyonce & Gaga's holes.

Cause you know, Una is pasty white & Jewish with a unibrow but a soul sista at heart. 
And Meghan is Miss.Gaga because well...duh.

up next we have
 the one & only, straight outta Compton Orlando-
Angie of A Whole Lot of Nothing & Aiming Low fame.

She's all up in Jeffree Star's hole. Pimpin a stripey leotard & Princess Leia tat on top of a damn boombox. Naturally. 

P.S. These fab 3 will be at BlogHer this year rubbing shoulders with the biggest & baddest Lady bloggers on the planet. Unfortunately I'm not going cause I'm not big or bad enough it's just not in the stars. Unless of course, someone awesome & wealthy wants to give me a HUGE birthday gift (it's the same weekend-August the 7th) & fly me up there & put me up in a hotel & make me live out my balls to the wall motto. A girl can dream right? You can't stop a girl from dreamin'.


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

To not only be featured but to be faceholed as well?

I feel honored, blessed, and violated to be at the pleasure of your Awesome.

*bow to thee*

Meghan said...



even better, i have been both beyonce and lady gaga for HLLWN. just made that connection. props.

Meghan said...

PS, can you please upload this photo to the facebook and tag us in it? obvs.

Sassy said...

This made my day. Thank you!

robin said...

you all embody balls to the wall & I am honored to be able to type in your URLs.


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