May 9, 2010

word to your moms.

It's Motha's Day! My mom is awesome. I really like her. She doesn't get mad at me for consistently making fun of her tendency to love white creamy food. I know, it's weird but you can't deny the deliciousness. She loves cream cheese, yogurt, queso, mayonnaise, sour cream, cottage cheese... She'll eat cottage cheese with jelly (not yummy). She'll eat it with onions (not so delicious). She loves it. It's pretty ridiculous. I definitely had a "oh shit, I'm turning into my mother" moment when one day I opened the refrigerator & found tubs of dairy products staring back at me.

This is my mom. Isn't she cute? People used to think we were sisters. Then we got old.

and this gem of a photo was taken at my bachelorette party. She had just given me her present & I am holding it up. Yes, those are panties. Yes, they are split crotch. Yes, that is her behind me laughing. Like I said, she's awesome.  

Today I was saying goodbye on the phone & I said, "Happy Mother's Day, Mom! You're the best! Thanks for birthing me out of you!" And she said with an exasperated tone, "well, you're welcome. You know you were the biggest baby" & laughed at me. That's cold, mom. Straight up cold.

& y'all, what is Mother's Day without at least one viewing of this SNL masterpiece?
please enjoy. (warning, it's a wee bit raunchy)

I love it when JT is all, "we are so cool & thoughtful."

sho nuff.


Christa said...

I love your mom too! I am sure that I deserved all kinds of harrassment for never practicing for my piano lessons but she never gave in to the desire to pummel me! :) but hoochie your video is nada workin!

briezie said...

def. my favorite snl video..and only appropriate to follow the dick in a box.... ah, nothing like a good laugh :)

Shara said...

i've had this on my ipod for like a year now and it still makes me crack up out loud.



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