May 30, 2010

to perk you up & get you on your way

sugar & rice? wtffff


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

"No mo dentists" needs to be added to the lyrics.


Katherine said...

This is one of my favorite things the interwebs have ever given us.

Carrie said...

Sugar and rice is AWESOME!! I used to eat that as a kid. You pour milk on rice and then add sugar. Delish!

Shara said...

OMGZZZZ there are so many comments i want to make about this vid!!!

first of all, this video hits way too close to home for me, on so many's almost uncomfortable. i can't even begin to explain to you why.

second of all, i am going to be very disappointed if i get to heaven and i find out i can't have my usual breakfast of nuts of grapes, mixed fruit, and lipton tea.

robin said...

if you read the info for the vid, you'll find that these 2 lookers were engaged but the lady died of heart disease shortly after it was filmed. Sads! Must've been the beefsteak?


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