May 25, 2010

soooooo meaty.

"Ok, so what I really want is a sweet meat tat right above my ass crack. I want a delicious ham hock with a smiley face & I want the ham hock to be a fairy with ham wings a magic meat wand & shit. And I want the ham hock to be saying "Meat!" in 3D with stars on it. And then, cause I like, really love all kinds of meat, I would like for you to permanently tattoo long sausage links & a couple chicken legs (original recipe) & a slab of beef on me. And to make it extra fancy, I need some blue rays shooting out from the center like a halo cause eating meat is like a religious experience for me. Then I'll wear my favorite maroon panties to match. Omg perfect."


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

You said, "Sooooo Meaty" in your best Best Week Ever announcer-lady voice, right?

And why make fun? Random stars make everything cool.

Becky Swann said...

You would be a fool not to get this done!

robin said...

i totally want this but on my chest.


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