May 14, 2010

snapshots from a thursday afternoon

wee little artiste working on her still life.
She loves coloring. She'll make a mark, stand back & say, "whoa!"
I stole a few moments & painted without an agenda. I need to do that more. It's now hanging on our wall but if you want to buy it, you totally can. I won't mind. 

The trophy is from Kipper's Totally Rad Trivia Night. My team came in 3rd place & that's what we got. It's actually a piece of Heathwood Hall prom memorabilia from 2000. Columbia, SC representin'. 
little pieces of happiness of my bulletin board o' love.

wow. wouldja look at that. I got through one whole post without saying anything remotely filthy. Is this  progression or regression? 

Happy Friday y'all! Make it a good one!


S. Spooner said...

There seems to be a photo on your cork board that I may need to comment on. Something about making a deposit.
Is that on a business card? That is amazing! I want one!
And I love your face. Can we PLEASE get together soon?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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