May 13, 2010

reason #364 why I love Zack Plemmons

Once upon a time Zack was in high school & he looked like a giraffe.
That is him on the right giving the thumbs up, looking skinny as hail.
I don't know who the double-thumbs-up-tongue-out dude on the left is, but he looks like he would have a nickname like Porkchop or Ross the Boss or perhaps Kegmeister.
*update! Dude has been recognized! His name is Jeff Connolly & his nickname is actually "Rally." Perfect.*
Zack was cool. He drove a purple Pinto. I think it was a Pinto... well, it was something super cool with a hatchback. 

You know what else was considered cool back then? Belly button rings on dudes. 

I discovered the small scar on his belly button one night & asked him what the hell it was. When he confessed, I almost thew my back out from all the LOLZ. Fortunately, he has the wonderful ability to laugh at himself. I SO want him to repierce it just so I can show people (and so I can drag him around). He won't do it though. I ask all the time. 

I mean, I think he would look majorly desirable with one now.

ahhhh yeah. That's all man right there y'all.

(everyone please notice the shameless drinkclip plug. Go buy one because you love me & want my baby to eat).


elizabeth said...

his friend looks like Charles' from Charles in Charge.

Leslie Ruth Petree said...

The dude on the left is Jeff Connelly and his nickname in YL circles is Rally. I don't know why but Stuart Nelson could probably tell you.

robin said...

Well, there you go! Jeff Connelly! That is amazing.

Revolu said...

oh shit! that is phenom!

julie said...

i have never read your blog before today. but if you keep talking smack about zack i will everyday


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