May 10, 2010

hang out with Steve

somebody found this cool note & they were cool enough to share it with the interwebs so we can learn how to be cooler. 

I would like to add:
-say "You go girl" & "Cool beans."
-Hypercolor shirts
-jam on your keytar
-sparkly myspace page
-pee down slides
-drink yoohoo
-raise the roof a lot


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...


* orange spray tan
* have a wallet connected to jeans
* have a Red Bull in hand at all times

Ang (but not Angie) said...

and a few more...

* be recognized only by your first name
* sleep with john mayer
* get a d.u.i
* adopt a baby from each continent
* slap bracelets
* scrunchies
* eat paper

robin said...

omg i eat paper like, all the time. instant cool.


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