May 14, 2010

don't hate, participate.

It is Friday night & we are livin' it UP over here at the Plemmons' household.

Zack's down in the basement "being productive." Which means he's putting boxes into larger boxes, fiddling with his tools & cursing at the dehumidifier. 

I'm, on the other hand, ignoring the dishes (again) & sitting here having the time of my friggin life on

This site allows you to upload your own picture onto different people's bodies. Basically you put your face in their hole. 

Sounds amazing, right? (Yeah, I know. It's a huge waste of time but I love the crap out of it. Kind of how I enjoy watching The Hills even though I feel more stupider just from watching it). 

But look at my masterpieces! These are framers!

It's chocolate ice cream so I'm trying to lick it. Natch.
this is so wrong, it's right. Sorry, Ruby. 
Zack looks like he's PISSED that I put him in Flubber's hole.

Ok, so, I thought it would be super fun to faceinhole some of YOU! Here's your chance to get your face put in a hole by me! And then you can use it for all your profile pics! Here's what you do if you want me to put your face in a hole:

leave a comment with your name in this post. 

so. easy. 
so. awesome.
so. thrilling

(that's what she said).

If we are friends on facebook, I'll just snag one of your pictures. If not, then send your full, face-on photo to robinplemmons at gmail dot com. 

Do it now, or I'll kill this puppy. 

Just kidding. That's like, so mean. Plus, I don't even have a puppy.


MJG said...

I dare you to.

briezie said...

doo me doo me!
(that's what he said)

btw... just thought you would enjoy knowing.. i shared your "clitter" video with one of the celtics players.. yup. sure did. and he liked it (how could he not? i'll send you the one he passed along to you..not nearly as dirty. but funny)

Leslie Ruth Petree said...

I'm scared...but count me in.

robin said...

that's the spirit, ladies! get excited!

who else is in? bring it.

Meghan said...


i mean obvs.

Ursula said...

Is it too late for me to get my face in a hole??


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