April 13, 2010

your sneak preview to awesomeness.

well hello there!

i've been working on my new line of cards that will make their grande (<--i added an e there to make it more fancy) debut this week! 

the excitement & hype that is building around this thrilling occasion is palpable! 

ok, maybe it's just me & like, my mom. 

here's a sneak preview for you! 

this is a speech bubble which means someone or something is saying this. 

wanna know what it is? well, too bad. you're gonna have to wait. unless you're intuitive & amazing & can guess.... which you probably are because after all, you're reading this which means you are automatically really really cool & important. 

stay tuned for the launch & a giveaway! 

hell yeah! balls to the wall! go cards!


Ben said...

scuse me you put periods where apostrophes go


robin said...

whatevs. i ain't schooled.


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