April 7, 2010

duuude. WTF.

Ok, so I was taking pictures of myself for this Drinkclip blog post (which you should ALL read & comment profusely on & browse the site & pick out your favorite color & buy them for all your friends & family & neighbors so they'll think you're amazing & generous & thoughtful)* aaaaand I created this god-awful face that not even my mother would love.

No, I'm not using the warp features from Photobooth. Yes, I am just as terrified as you are. 
it's uncanny! Me & dis whack Kraken were practically separated at birth! 

Why do I do this to myself? It's kind of like when Oprah goes on camera without any make up & gets all "Color Purple" on us. I love it when she does that! Such a balls to the wall move. I like that. 

And you know what they say- "vanity kills." If you're ever in the green room at the 40 Watt in Athens, you'll find that written on the bathroom mirror courtesy of yours truly. I got a little sharpie happy back there.

*yes, drinkclip does pay me a few bones to be their friend BUT that doesn't mean that I don't genuinely LOVE this contraption. I use it everyday. EVERY DAY. Because if I absentmindedly spilled crap on my laptop & inadvertently murdered my life force, I would literally curl up in a ball & die. Wait, that's a little too transparent. I'M NOT ADDICTED TO THE INTERWEBS. Promise. No, seriously. I'm good. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to fire up tweetdeck & tweet about my facebook's fan page & then blog about it while watching You Tube & maybe enjoy a round or 2 of chatroulette. 

go ahead, cast the first stone! (yes! I made a Bible joke!)

have you seen this dude who hides his video camera & then makes ugly faces?

how sweet is Fred?! 


elizabeth said...

this blog makes me feel incredibly guilty for untagging pictures of me on facebook that i don't like for whatever reason--my second chin is showing, i look a little "thicker" in certain areas. thank you for being comfortable in your own skin (most of the time). i love that most about you.

MichelleC2010 said...

I just love your blog. I came across it while asheville blogger profiles and it truly gave me my laugh for the night. I will definitely be subscribing. And in the post below i question the same thing, how do women wipe with nails that long?

Michelle http://www.astheturkeygobbles.blogspot.com

Christa said...

Robin I think you could SO do that hidden camera business! That was so freakin funny. You could teach Ruby the Fire Marshall Bill routine and take it into the streets! LOL! Ok and the Kraken is scary but I am sure your Mom still loves you!

caroline mcglade said...

bible jokes!!


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