April 20, 2010

to procreate or not to procreate. that is the question.

So, my last post has me thinking hard (so hard it hurts my brain) about seriously having another baby. Ruby is 18 months old now & I do want her to have a sibling fairly close to her age. Zack has been ready for another one for hmm... about 17 months now. But I'm the one who has to be freakishly uncomfortable for 9 months & I'm the one who has to endure gaggy acid reflux & I'm the one who won't be able to bend my toes because I will acquire swollen Fred Flintstone feet.  

Not to mention, I'm the one who either has to push a human out of my sensitive lady area OR get my guts cut open to retrieve him or her. 

OH! Also, there's all the poop I have to deal with. I typically don't enjoy dealing with copious amounts of poop.

Can you tell I had a hard time being pregnant & going through childbirth? Ok, so it definitely was AMAZING feeling her inside my womb place & it was INCREDIBLE to watch her grow in my womb place & TRANSCENDENTAL to actually hold her in my arms but for the most part, it kinda sucked. There, I said it. I'm just picturing myself, feeling like a hippo & trying to chase a toddler around. 

I realize I am sounding whiny, forgive me. I know that if there was a chance I couldn't even have another baby, I would be completely heartbroken so I shouldn't take my ability to reproduce for granted. I also think that if & when it happens, that I will just cope & continue to be the eternal optimist that I want to be. And I bet that once that day comes, I will be filled with joy no matter the circumstances. 

All you mothers with multiple children are nodding your heads in agreement, right? Because with anything in life, there is hard work & sacrifice. Right along with exuberance & gratitude. 


I mean, who wouldn't want to more make babies with this guy?
(no, he didn't shit on the floor. that is a burnt hot dog). 

And who wouldn't want to bring more precious little humans like this one into the world?

that's it. I'm kicking mirena to the curb & "getting horizontal." 

or as Zack's 72 year old father likes to call it- "playing hide the pickle."

But really, what do you think? Teach me, people. Have any words of wisdom? (of course you do, spill it already). 



Lizzie said...

Got no words of wisdom other than I feel your pain. I've got a few weeks to go now on my first pregnancy and I've got to say I'm not looking to repeat this experience any time soon. And I've not even pushed/removed the little guy out yet.

That being said, we're more excited about him than anything and are bursting to get to meet him. Literally, for one of us. So that makes up for it, right?? RIGHT???? (Dear God, please say yes. I'll know if you lie.)

lesliesloan said...

Thanks for letting us all know about your impending conception. (perhaps could be your next card?)

summer said...

Wisdom? Probably not. Words? Fo sho. Here goes....I can't say I ever would have planned things the way they happened, however I wouldn't change a thing. Your fear of having to chase after a toddler while miserably pregnant is a valid one but not nearly as terrifying as it sounds. Tiring, definitly but certainly doable. You guys make kids that are way too beautiful to rob the world of that. Now go procreate already and quit yo stressin :).

Bec said...

In a few years, the memories of the pregnancies and births will have faded significantly, but your growing young ones will be making new memories with you every day. I think that's probably a good trade off.

That said, I have absolutely no desire to ever have children, so maybe I'm a bad source. :)

MJG said...

The world demands more Plemmonses. Give the people what they want!

janatau@hotmail.com said...

Okay, so ,coming from one who gets pregnant just standing downwind from a sperm ; i can tell you that right now you feel the best you will ever feel ,look the best you will ever look and have the most energy you will ever have.....so go for it with wild abandon and enjoy the ride : ) HA! Pun Intended ! xoxo

Ang said...

Hide the pickle.
Hide the pickle.


crankypantsknits. said...

One of my favorite cards reads something like:

I heard you were expecting and wanted to say...

Better you than me!

That pretty much sums up my feelings on it.

That being said- can I borrow your amazingly adorable daughter for a photo shoot soon? Hmmmmm? I'll buy her mama a drink or 5. ;)

Becky Swann said...

I HATED being pregnant, I had an aweful one! Some people just have worse ones than others, I feel it is ok to say that. But I love my daughter so I am going to wait and see how it goes with you if that is cool haha

sara kate eubanks said...

i have heard that 1 year apart and 3 years apart are most idea, maybe because of that toddler phase. i've also heard that the get along better with the real close age of the slightly farther apart. so maybe wait another 6 months. then by the time the baby came, ruby would be a an age of reason, or at least more so?


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