April 29, 2010

take a gander at these beauties.

omgyall. I have been so g-dang busy. I haven't had time to scratch my ass much less compose a decent blog entry. & scratching my ass takes a long time.

& yes, it does take effort to be this dumb.  

So, instead of me going on & on about crap you'll just scan over & immediately forget, I'm going to show you in picture form so that you'll scan over pictures & immediately forget. I figure that way, it's more aesthetically pleasing. I'm here to please you. Not like that, you perv. Unless you're like super good looking, then maybe. 

So without further ado, I bring you- pics of awesome shit!

1. Spring sprung here in the mountains & a mama Robin built a nest in the holly bush outside our window. I was so happy. I would watch her construct her home & talk to her like a pet. Zack even named her Blanche.
& then there were eggs! Look how beautiful! The circle of life right before our very eyes!
& then one day, they freaking disappeared. My guess is some critter ate them. Not cool. Total buzz kill. Sads.

other springtime funsie pics-

2. This is Jane. It was her birthday. She is laughing & blurry because we were trying to open a stubborn bottle of wine & her very sweet, very southern, mostly conservative mother (pronounced motha) was telling us to "just screw it in, just nail it real hard." 
She had us over for a lavish birthday dinner that included dishes from the different places Jane has traveled to all over the world. Plus, there was wine & champagne for each course. Um, yes please.
It was delightful or as Clara would say, "wonduhfull."She is so cute, I want to squeeze her til she poops.

at Jane's other party, i made boobie cupcakes. They didn't look as accurate as these but they were just as awesome. We made sure to sing, "Tits your birthday"to her. It was high klass.

3. All Go West Festival was last weekend & our homeys Kovacs & the Polar Bear played at The Rocket Club. Seriously, do yourself a favor & go see them live it at all possible. 

this is Nick (the lead dude) & his girl Lauren. Aren't they precious? Hi Lauren! Are you reading this at work? (Y'all, go see her at Tops in the kid's section). 
look at Zack's injured hand. He burned the shiz out of it early that day on a tiller. He's got this crazy idea to grow a garden in the backyard. I'd like to have a garden but I'm not crazy about having to tend to the garden. We'll see how it goes...

little Ruby loved the music & bobbed her sweet little head along to the beat. Girl's got rhythm I tell ya. 

4. this next pic is completely unrelated to anything except pure awesomeness. It deserves to be in the extra large format. I'm sure you agree.
ladies, his name is Michael Hobert & he's best known for his life changing performance as Lonnie on Scrubs. I stole this from his fb page. He's like, SO balls to the wall. 

that was the most exciting thing you've seen all day, isn't it? Lord, I hope not. 


Ang said...

Your blog is my favorite "at-work-read"!

xo! <-cause you're awesome!!


Rebecca Martin said...

Ruby! Those shoes!! Do they make them in adult sizes??

Yes, having the garden is much more fun than tending. But tending isn't as awful as I'd thought it might be. I kind of like it, sometimes.


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