April 3, 2010

looney tunes

it's Saturday morning & I'm so happy I got to wake up & see Zack's sweet scruffy face. He's been gone so much recently being a rockstar. Ruby was extra specially excited & he woke up to her hovering over his face saying "Dah-yee! Dah-yee!" He sleepily replied, "Hi baby." 

I love those adorable little moments between Daddy & his little girl. Makes me melt all over the place. 

Know what else makes me melt all over the place? This freaking Brandi Carlile song. I heard it on my Patty Griffin/Ryan Adams/Ray Lamontagne Pandora station & have been listening to it over & over & over & over.

Isn't it so pretty? It needs a porch swing, an apron & a mason jar of sweet tea to accompany it.

you might recognize another one of her tunes that's been making the rounds on Grey's Anatomy & the like :
super bummed I missed seeing her at The Orange Peel.

speaking of good music...
Just a couple days ago as I was on my way to meet Leslie & Sarah for sushi, I was blaring Snoop 
Dogg's Gin & Juice out the sunroof & I got a couple double takes from 2 cute smiling black 
guys walking down Patton Ave. I was all like, "yeah, das right. Dis home girl's got soul."
Little known fact, Ruby's initials are R.A.P. because she was conceived while we were listening to Snoop. (we probably won't tell her this until she's ready to hear it, so I'm thinking not until she's 30 & has fully realized her parents are bat shit crazy).


Rebecca Martin said...

I *love* Brandi Carlile. It started with The Story, and then pretty much all the songs on that album started coming up on one of my Pandora stations. (The Weepies, I think, by some strange stretch.)

MJG said...

I don't think it's gonna take Rubes all the way to 30 to realize y'all are batshit crazy. Maybe 10 or 11.

S. Spooner said...

I SO WISH you could have come to see her at the Peel with me. Whadda GREAT live show, her albums are so worth a buy. She did an entirely acoustic version of Josephine, like no microphones. It was amazing.
Glad you are getting into Brandi!


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