March 3, 2010

truth in advertising!

After fixing tacos one fine evening, I lifted this sticker that was on the package of ground beef & stuck it on Zack's crotchal region:

I do my best to be a good wife. This includes finding creative ways to be complimentary. 

Later on that evening, our plumber showed up to fix the well. He tinkered around while Zack helped hand him tools & after an hour or so he was done.

I noticed right after he left that Zack had failed to take the bright yellow sticker off of his southern parts, which was right in the line of vision of Mr.Plumber guy. 


It's the stuff that dreams are made of. 

The pic above is the actual sticker, which is now framed & in our bedroom. 

This is what love is. 


sara kate eubanks said...

this is my favorite yet! too good.

robin said...

are you complimenting Zack's weiner area or my blog post? either way, thanks so much!

kyle said...

At least it didn't say "tastes great, less filling"

Alaina Drawdy said...

Niiice, Kyle.
Rawbin - I love the way you & Zack love each other. That's not ironic... I mean that SINCERELY. Your marriage makes my heart glad.

kyle said...

The best meat in town...for Robin's taco.

robin said...

alaina- aww. thanks! i love the way we love love. it's lovely.

kyle- i expected nothing less.


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