March 10, 2010

it's craft time!

this is Mr. Doritos Thumbprint Dude!

i made him with my Doritos cheese coated thumbprint & a sharpie!

this means a couple things:

1- I like Doritos!
2- I like to play with my food!
3- I haven't even taken the plastic off of my Dancing With The Stars DVD. Probably because I'm too   busy eating freaking Doritos!
4- If someone ever needs to identify me with only my fingerprints, they can come here!
5- It makes me happy when Doritos are on sale. This particular bag was only $2!
6- This post is lame!
7- You probably want some Doritos now too, don't you? 
8- I was not paid by Doritos to promote them with this brilliant blog post but I should've been.
9- This belongs in a museum for awesomeness. (or not). 


angela said...

heard on the radio today about "1st degree burn" doritos and some kind of magical pepsi max "cease fire".
so of course at 8 in the morning i had a craving for pepsi and doritos!

Kerri Roberts said...

no, no. not at all. this is all perfectly natural and normal. Keep making finger smear've found a niche!

MJG said...

If you ever commit a crime, I'll lead the federales to this blog post and then run off with the reward money. Mark my words.


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