February 26, 2010

a real treasure.

Remember when I told you that I have the most awesomest friends like, ever? Well, I'm serious. I mean, I won the friend jackpot for life. I like to think of my facebook family as a wonderful melting pot of some of the finest individuals ever made with sperm & egg.  

Every now & then I find something on fb that makes me LLOL (literally laugh out loud- I just made that up- booyah), whether it be a profile picture, a status update or a long thread of riotous comments like this one

Things like this need to be shared because they are:
a) super funny
             b) highly entertaining
                                   c) a beautiful example of diversity

Take for example this gem of a picture of my homey, Pedro*.

Here are some excerpts from his profile:
  • "I love dogs. I love taking mine onto the parkway & running (then stopping to hack cuz I smoke so f#$king much)." 
  • "I like to paint house a whole lot, especially drunk. But...I just got out of treatment so I am reevaluating that love."
  • "I like to write poetry, recently I have been trying to write erotic poetry, but I feel stupid doing it." 
  • "Did I mention that Phil Collins is probably the biggest pimp in the whole wide world? No? Well, Phil Collins is the biggest pimp in the whole wide world."
  • a selection of his favorite music: Metallica, Skynyrd, Savage Garden, Guns n Roses, DJ Aphrodite, I freaking HATE RAP F@#K RAP IT SUX, some Bette Midler. 
Did I mention that I met this guy at church? 

big hearts & hi-fives for *Pedro!

*names have been changed due to privacy & cause I failed to ask him if I could use him as funny fodder for my blog. 

P.S. if we're friends on fb, you just might be the next victim of my treasury. Promise I'll ask first. I just didn't ask *Pedro because I knew he wouldn't give a crap. 

P.P.S I need a name for my treasury. I'm open to suggestions. The winner wins something winner-related!!! Be a winner!

P.P.P.S. I love you!


Rachel said...

You are SOOO funny! I love your blog. Keep it up Robin!

MJG said...

"Treasury" already sounds like it's a name for something else.
Yeah, I said it.


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