February 22, 2010

the people have voted! i mean, polled. whatevs.

Thanks so much for participating in my 1st ever poll! Wasn't that so exciting?! No? Well, I enjoyed it. I didn't really have a point per se other than for my own entertainment. (actually, that's pretty much why I even have a blog or a husband).

But we all got an education now, didn't we? Right? Some women have hairy nipples. Some women don't but they DO have funyuns. It's super important to know things like this. 

Oh, & apparently, there is 1 baby reading my blog. Which is really terrible because I really want more baby readers. 

All this hair nonsense had me fondly remembering this: 

see? Even Phoebe has the occasional visitor. It's totally normal. 

Know what else is normal? Making up polls about boobie hair. 


Anonymous said...

I can live now. Thank you.

Kelsey said...

Phoebe is my favorite! You kind of remind me of her except less stupid & more busty.


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